Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Everest: Doesn't Get Much Better

Upcoming action movie Everest is a star-studded emotional rollercoaster, and a fitting tribute to one of New Zealand's unsung heroes.
Based on the 1996 disaster on Mt Everest, the movie tells the lead-up to and events of 10 May, when the commercial guiding industry on the mountain suffered its first and blackest catastrophe.
Kiwi Rob Hall's Adventure Consultants and American Scott Fisher's Mountain Madness were among those attempting to summit, when a "perfect storm" of mishaps and weather conditions left all their fates in the balance.
Many NZers will remember what unfolded and, according to reviewers who're already rating the film as 'five stars', we'll be left with lumps in our throats when we see the portrayal of Rob Hall MBE.
Prepare to be exhausted by the end of this film, but the effort is worth it to see one of the most entertaining and emotionally draining slices of cinema of the last few years.
Everest opens in NZ on 17 Sept. Do not miss this! Take tissues!!

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