Friday, June 26, 2015

Sea Shepherd Begins Faroes Action

"Vell done, Lars! Brigetta vill be pleased!"
Conservation group Sea Shepherd has dispatched a vessel from Bremen in Germany to the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic to campaign against it's traditional whale hunt.
The vessel Sam Simon will try to prevent hunters from killing pilot whales. The ship is expected to arrive in the island archipelago today (...meanwhile the annual slaughter of the whales began on 07 June).
A SS spokesman says: "Denmark allows the Faroe Islands to continue the barbaric practice of the grindadrap, despite being a signatory to the Bern Convention, which outlaws the slaughter of cetaceans."
Readers of this blog will know that, during the annual whale hunt, the 3-6m pilot whales are driven by a flotilla of small boats into a bay or the mouth of a fjord before being hacked to death with hooks and knives - a "grind" that many locals defend as a cultural right.
The whale meat and blubber are consumed by locals and considered
Don't ya just DIG that blood lust!
Sam Simon crew will join fellow SS members on a fast-interceptor vessel donated by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation (an animal rights group founded by the former French actress) which arrived in Faroese waters last Wednesday. Another ship Bob Barker will join them shortly.
The SS campaign will run until 01 October. The timing of the killing depends on when the cetaceans are spotted offshore, and SS activists have intervened in the Faroes several times in the past.

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