Thursday, June 18, 2015

Maori Dodge A Bullet...Again

Maori caught driving without a licence in Sth.Auckland are being let off a $400 fine, and are being offered support instead!
"Holy shit, man, don't touch him! He's BRO!"
These most-curious Counties Manukau police guidelines are aimed at reducing maori offending. Bros busted behind the wheel without a licence, or in breach of their conditions, get referred for training and dodge the ticket that they're legally obliged to pay...just like the rest of us have to!
Superintendent Wally Haumaha, Police National HQ: "A panel looks at a whole range of issues that caused that person to drive without a licence or why that person hasn't had a licence, and then provides some support."
A real Wally?
Jeez, Wally, ya don't need a touchy-feely hand-holding support panel to diagnose their "whole range of issues" as:
1. Want to drive, eh bro.
2. Duuuh, don't have a licence.
3. Foo, cuz, gonna drive anyway.
4. After all, play lotsa Grand Theft Auto - so how hard can driving be? Chuurrr!
The policy is a part of a nationwide programme Turning of the Tide, aiming to reduce Maori offending. But Wally assures us it's not a race-based issue: "It just happens that more Maori drivers are unlicensed. So if they're unlicensed, we wanna know why."
Hmm, so maybe this Wally IS an actual WALLY!!! ANY programme targetting ANY race for ANY reason IS race-based. Get out the dictionary and start reading, Wally! I suspect you really mean that it's not racist! THAT is a completely different matter...
However, for now, all the rest of NZ Maori being allowed to dodge their legal responsibilities.
That IS institutionalised race-based favouritism. And it must stop!


Pete said...

Too bloody right. Im sick to my back teeth of favouritism to maori. They are no better than the rest of us. The rules of society are there for ALL. Sure, LET the panel discuss a particular driver's situation and hold his hand...but only AFTER he has paid his fine or faced his penalty, not INSTEAD OF!!!! This is the sort of PC crap that makes NZ a laughing stock around the world.

Anonymous said...

But they have Favored Nation status, don't they? Therefore they can do anything with immunity!!!