Thursday, July 3, 2014

McCully's Mob Muddles It Up

The story breaks: an overseas official invokes diplomatic immunity and escapes NZ, after alleged sexual assault.
The nation's journos splutter indignantly: Name him! Shame him! Bring him back!
Questions are raised: Who IS he? Which country? What exactly IS diplomatic immunity?
Facts emerge: he is Muhammad Rizalman bin Ismail, a Malaysian diplo. And his country says no way will it waive immunity – tough luck, NZ!
But then it all gets a bit murky…
PM Johnno Key says he wants Ismail in a kiwi court. The military-ruled Malaysia is reported as saying it would only allow that if Ismail's life would be safe in NZ (Ha! Pot, meet kettle!!!) Then as the world's media vultures circle a potential diplomatic incident, Malaysia says: hang on, we did NOT say anything of the sort. We've been totally co-operative! WTF???
Well, it seems our Dept of Foreign Affairs, balliwick of Muddling Murray McCully, got itself befuddled with we-said/they-said, and didn't even tell the Minister about the situation! Comms confusion in the Ministry resulting in a total SNAFU!
Womble in the headlights
McCully: "We apologise for a performance that was below the standard expected of the Foreign Ministry."
So will Ismail face the music in NZ? Don't hold your breath. Tough luck for the alleged rape victim, eh!
But to blame the cock-up on a staff member who was out of communications reach when the shit hit the fan is pathetic! Where were the back-ups, safeguards, systems? This is after all McCully's baby, his people, his RESPONSIBILITY.
Like multiple times in the past when this womble has dropped the ball, McCully should be publically humiliated and put on notice to pull his department's socks up…or else. The buck stops with him.
But will this happen? Of course not.
It is after all, General Election Countdown time…

UPDATE: 05 July 2014 - Malaysia WILL send the miscreant back for trial in NZ...and Muddling McCully told to 'suck it up' and apologise to Malaysia. Miracles DO happen!

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