Monday, July 7, 2014

Blue Whale Ain't Goin' Nowhere...

"Whale meat again...don't know where...don't know when..."
One hundred tonnes of whale is not something that can easily be disposed of - ha, not even for the Japanese!!!
A dead blue whale washed on to the rocky foreshore just south of New Plymouth last week...and that's where it'll stay.
The 19.5m whale washed up on Tapuae Beach, and is believed to be a blue whale or a pygmy blue.
Taranaki Department of Conservation acting senior biodiversity ranger Callum Lilley said it's been an interesting opportunity to get a closer look at the largest species on earth. Experts from Massey University have performed a necropsy "...however, once inside we realised it was really decomposed." There was nothing they could ascertain about the cause of the whale's death, except that there were no obvious signs of trauma.
Callum says because of the massive size of the whale it would most likely be left on the rocks at the beach. Its resting spot is far away from any easily-accessible parts of the beach.
Blue whales are known to feed on krill off the South Taranaki Bight. They have been spotted there over the last few years, much to the delight of scientists.

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