Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cook Strait Ferry Debacle Continues

When will KiwiRail face up to reality?
Better still, when when it face a government enquiry?
Its Cook Strait ferry Aratere is only just back in service, after returning from dry dock in Singapore, where she was repaired after a propeller fell off last November.
Around 3yrs ago, the company installed more fuel-efficient propellers as part of the lengthening of the ship (a stretching process that many marine experts did not recommend). During the recent dry-docking, some dickhead decided to put the original propellers back on - these are now slowing the ship down by 15 minutes per trip across Cook Strait! KiwiRail is investigating larger propellers which could require a dry dock, but the earliest that could happen is next winter.
This means one sailing per day will be dropped from the schedule. What a DEBACLE!!!
"Er...didn't feel a thing!!"
The dropped sailing will be picked up by KiwiRail's other rusting dog, Arahura... er, ya mean, the same Arahura that hit the Wellington terminal wharf this week?
Yeup, the same incident which the captain DENIED...but which a witness filmed!
The list of incidents involving the vessels and crews on the InterIslander run is growing by the DAY! Surely an enquiry is long overdue!
Mind you, NZ First leader Winston Peters suggests the govt may WANT KiwiRail to fail, in order to flick it off in a 'fire sale'. Doesn't sound too farfetched at all...

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