Friday, April 18, 2014

The Global Tamiflu Scam

Readers may recall that, back in June 2009, I warned against the hysterical global over-reaction to Swine Flu (H1N1), which was slated to wipe out a significant portion of mankind.
We were told that mankind's only saviour was a new fast-tracked wonder-drug called Tamiflu, which was being injected into patients without due checks and balances...
Now a University of Auckland researcher says new evidence shows Tamiflu doesn't actually work at all!
Just as I said.
Dr Vanessa Jordan, NZ Cochrane Fellow at Akld Uni, confirms what'd previously been suspected "that there is currently no support for claims that Tamiflu or Relenza reduces admissions to hospital or complications of influenza".
Like most countries that could afford to, NZ stockpiled 750,000 doses of Tamiflu in 2009 (since dumped after expiry).
This new evidence only came out last week so we shouldn't be too harsh on our govt. After all, it - like everyone else - bought into the World Health Organisation's (WHO) panic-causing announcement of a 'pandemic'.
Jordan: "Tamiflu is on the WHO's essential medicines list so our govt is following recommendations at the moment, but it's no doubt those recommendations will change."
Naturally, Tamiflu manufacturer Roche has rejected the Cochrane Report's findings saying it "fundamentally disagrees with the overall conclusions".
Medsafe (responsible for the regulation of medicines in NZ) agrees: "This study alone is not enough for NZ to reconsider its position on stockpiles of Tamiflu as an important precaution in case of future global influenza pandemic."
In other words, until there're multi-tons of other evidence, taxpayers' $$$ will continue to be spent on crap that doesn't WORK!! And that'll keep the Big Pharmaceuticals very happy indeed.
*thinks aloud* Hmmm, wonder if they're allowed to contribute to election funding...?

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