Saturday, April 5, 2014

Once In A Lifetime Experience!!!

Just received advice of pending good fortune!
Forwarded chain mail tells me that this year of 2014 features a month (August) in which there're FIVE Fridays, FIVE Saturdays and FIVE Sundays - shock! horror! probe! Supposedly this'll be the only time I'll see this phenomenon in my lifetime, as it happens only once every 823 years!
The letter reveals that this monumental event is mystical magical Chinese Feng Shui...and if I forward this message to my friends, I'll be swamped with money in four days. Funny how people have their own belief system until a chain letter comes along, and then suddenly everybody believes in Feng Shui! Riiiggghhhttt!!!!
If anyone resending this chain had checked the calendar, they'd see that this is NOT a once-in-a-lifetime event at all. Last March 2013 had five Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. As did July 2011. 2010 had it in January AND October. In the future, May 2015 is another hot potato, and brace your bank manager for an influx of cash in 2016 - January AND July! WOW!!!
If this special phenomenon stuns and amazes you, you'll be astounded to learn that Christmas 2014 WILL fall on 25 December...

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