Thursday, April 3, 2014

Long-Awaited Return Of Kate Bush

Your memory of Kate Bush may only be of a wafer-thin soprano in her 1978 smash Wuthering Heights, theatrically seeking her beloved Heathcliff.
But for the die-hard UK legions who know all of her ten albums inside-out, the rarer-than-hens-teeth chance to see the multi-award-winner in concert again after 35yrs, was a dream come true. And they snatched the opportunity greedily...
Tickets for Kate Bush's Aug/Sept.2014 comeback have been offered for sale for four-figure sums, only hours after they sold out. All 22 of her London shows sold out in less than 15 minutes! Some of the tickets, originally priced from £49 ($NZ94) and upwards, are for sale online for £1500 ($NZ2884) each! Demand was so high that ticket websites crashed with overload.
The gigs mark the singer's return to the stage 35 years after her one-and-only tour...and to the same venue, the Hammersmith Apollo (then called the Hammersmith Odeon), where she effectively retired from live performances after just six weeks on the road in 1979. She'd topped the charts with Wuthering Heights the year prior - the first
woman to go to No.1 singing one of her own songs.
Over the years, theories about her absence from the stage included her perfectionism, a fear of flying and the death of one of the tour crew during a show. But in a rare interview in 2011, she explained it was simply down to the sheer exertion of performing: her shows relied heavily on dance and mime.
Kate Bush CBE has influenced copious current and past performers, from Tori Amos to Lorde, and her music has uplifted generations of fans. Now aged 56, it's hoped her unique performance style won't burn her out.
I can't imagine what the shows would be like, but it's safe to say they'll be unlike anything most have ever seen. At their heart will be some of the most extraordinary, brilliant, moving, astonishing and incomparable pop songs of all time. And they'll be sung and played (and perhaps even danced?) by a genius.

UPDATE: 27 Aug.2014 - Rave! Rave! Rave!

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