Friday, December 20, 2013

Selfish At The Service

Amid the solemnity of Nelson Mandela's funeral, world leaders were on show...and not in a good way.
US Prez Obama and UK PM Cameron were acting up, posing for selfies (self-portraits on a mobile phone) with Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt!!!
Meanwhile, in the seat beside them, Michelle Obama was wearing The Look. You know the one: that universally-understood blast-freezer look that every wife can shoot at every husband at any time. It says: "If you don’t stop that right now, you're a dead man walking." Which - at a funeral - would be an impressive sight!
The PM of Denmark, known as 'Gucci Helle' for her extravagance, is a married woman...sort of. Her hubby conveniently lives in a different country (supposedly for tax purposes, but rumoured to be for relationship reasons), which leaves her plenty of time to take selfies with other men. Gucci Helle once insisted on wearing stilettos - with combat fatigues - when she travelled to war-torn Libya. When asked about her wardrobe choices, she snarled: "We can't all look like shit!" Niiiiiice.
Meanwhile, back to the selfie...
David Cameron's begging Helle not to delete the pic, saying it could be sold as a major fundraiser. A high opinion of oneself(ie), methinx.
Helle's justification for the funeral frivolity? She says it shows that "when we meet heads of state and government, we too are just people who have fun." Hmmm, at a funeral???
As for Obama? Well, he's probably cowering hen-pecked at home, still getting The Look!

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