Tuesday, December 24, 2013

In The Spirit Of Christmas

Christmas is a time for sharing and caring.
And in the true spirit of the season, a Canadian retiree has pledged to donate $40 million to charity, saying he doesn't actually need the
Good day, eh?
Tom Crist (even his name has a ring of the festive time, doesn't it!) retired as CEO of an electrical wholesale company in September, four months after learning he'd won a huge lottery jackpot.
He says he's done financially well for himself during his career, so the winnings will be put into a trust fund and given to charities chosen by himself and his children over the coming years, in memory of his wife who died of cancer two years ago.
He found out he'd won the May draw while lunching with friends before playing a round of golf: "I didn’t know what to say. It was a very short conversation." He kept the win a secret even from his family, until he decided on a course of action. His children are fully supportive of the plan, saying if their mother had still been alive, she too would have been right behind it.
Tom's wasted no time in starting to give away his $40 million. He's already donated $1 million to the cancer centre that took such good care of his dying wife.

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