Friday, December 6, 2013

Greg Hunt, Put Up Or Shut Up!

So a govt breaks a pre-election promise - what else is new?
A Sea Shepherd sandwich, anyone?
Before the Australian election, the Coalition said it would send a Customs vessel to the Southern Ocean to monitor Japanese whaling, following violent clashes with anti-whaling protesters Sea Shepherd.
Oz enviro minister Greg Hunt now says the govt hopes the ICJ (International Court of Justice) will rule in favour of Australia to prevent Japanese whaling this season..."if however their fleet sets sail, our commitment to monitoring and observing remains undiminished."
Protecting what??
Just what that means is anyone's guess, given the location of Ocean Protector. Ocean Protector is an armed vessel designed to tackle Sthrn Ocean illegal fishing, and is the only specialist operational vessel available to undertake the demanding patrols in the icy Sthrn Ocean... but right now it's patrolling for 'boat people' near Christmas Island!
Last week the NZ navy sent the HMNZS Otago to monitor fishing (fishing, NOT whaling!) in the Antarctic, with another limp-dick platitude from Muddling McCully ringing in our ears.
When in opposition, Greg Hunt was a vocal critic of the Labour govt's efforts to prevent whaling, promising to restore regular patrols. In February, he said, "Whaling should never be occurring, but for it to occur in Australian waters is an utter failure in Canberra. The government should stop turning a blind eye to whaling in our waters and should have a Customs vessel in the Southern Ocean."
SS believes the nasty Nippons could head to the Sthrn Ocean as early as next week.
It's 'put-money-where-mouth-is' time, Greg!

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