Thursday, November 7, 2013

Watson On Solid Ground

Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson has spent months in exile at sea since a Red Notice was issued by Interpol on behalf of Costa Rica and Japan. Watson fled Germany in order to avoid extradition.
Now he's back on dry land. He returned to the US about a week ago and was greeted by a group of excited SS members, as well as high-profile supporter Robert Kennedy Jr.
Director of SS Australia, Jeff Hansen: "I can confirm that after many months at sea and a life in exile, Captain Paul Watson is now safely back on land in the States. I am sure we can all raise a glass to Paul in saying, welcome back mate."
While Costa Rica's Interpol Red Notice has been lifted, Watson and SS are set to defend themselves in court against charges brought by Japan. Hansen: "Paul was not arrested upon entry into the US and is there to testify in defence of his name in the contempt-of-court proceedings against himself from the illegal whale poachers from Japan. (Former Australian Greens leader) Bob Brown and myself will also be testifying."
SS has called last year's Antarctic anti-whaling campaign Operation Zero Tolerance its most dangerous but most successful campaign to date, saving 932 whales. SS will return to the Southern Ocean in December, in this year's Operation Relentless.

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