Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Follow The Yellow-Lit Road, Toto

No traffic lights in Christchurch CBD after dark?
It’s a proposal from the Automobile Association: city centre traffic lights to be changed from phased signals to flashing amber. The AA wants a "give-way rule" to apply late at night and at off-peak times. This means motorists won’t have to wait for a green light on near-empty streets.
Canterbury/West Coast Automobile Association chairman John Skevington says the proposal was submitted for Christchurch’s draft transport plan in Nov.2012. He says the concept could be rolled out nationwide if it was successful in Christchurch. However Christchurch City Council is unaware of this submission, or even if it would be considered...
I have serious doubts about the validity of this proposal, especially as it seems the only reason is so drivers will not be 'inconvenienced' by red lights at potentially empty intersections! By following this logic, there's the danger that two motorists could cruise through amber lights from intersecting directions into each other's paths.
Lights controlling an intersection are there for a purpose, and should not be modified simply because they are perceived as 'inconvenient' at off-peak times.
And God knows - Christchurch motorists' driving manners are bad enough in broad daylight! Don't encourage them to be any worse.

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