Thursday, November 21, 2013

Luck Doesn't Come Into It

Brian Harris was sitting on his front porch last Sunday evening, sipping a coffee, when suddenly bullets flew around him.
The neighbourhood in Washington DC, USA echoed to the sound of several randomly-fired shots - one shattered a house window, another a car windscreen, still another struck the side of a second car. The fourth round hit Brian...
It pierced the pocket of his sweatshirt and bored into his wallet, going through his driver's licence, a bank card, medical card and some money. It broke through the wallet cover, and shattered the front of his cellphone. And then the .380-calibre round stopped, a few millimetres from his stomach. His wallet and cellphone had saved his life.
"That's what people tell me," says Harris, unwilling to admit how close a call it was. Others aren't as shy.
His boss at Catholic Charities, where Harris has worked for three years delivering meals, calls it a miracle. Supervisor Eric Curry says that Brian "is a true witness that God lives."
Even cops who've seen everything hadn't seen this. Washington DC Police Cmdr. Andrew Solberg, a 26yr veteran: "I'm not a religious man, but this guy is blessed. I think somebody was watching out for him. The only time you hear about this happening is in a John Wayne western." Cops believe Harris was an innocent bystander. In fact, the bullet's trajectory was so lucky that even police are citing divine intervention.
Spin the story any way you like - it's still a bloody close call! I hope Brian buys a Lotto ticket!

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