Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Yarning Is Da Bomb!

I've seen this before, on trees in Dunedin, but never on a statue!
'Yarn bombing' has arrived in Palmerston North.
The woman in the Paul Dibble sculpture 'Who's Afraid' outside the Regent Theatre on Broadway, PNth has been clad in leggings, a tank top, hat and scarf. A group called Woolly Riot has claimed responsibility.
Passers-by were surprised by the winter-warming clothes but all seemed to like the statue's additions, noting that it was 'delicately' done, covering all of the figure's sensitive 'naked parts'.
An anonymous Woolly Riot member said the sculpture was dressed last Tuesday overnight, the garments sewn in place, after two months of planning.
As long as it was done for fun - not for some puritanical 'covering up of bare sculptured breasts' - it's all good! But I guess the poor ol' tuatara sculpture gets left to shiver in the Manawatu cold...

PS: Lots of strange things DO happen in Palmerston North!

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Go, Palmy!!!