Friday, August 17, 2012

Paul Henry Back On NZ TV

That Paul Henry is a dip-shit is a given.
That he's actually a mean bastard - beyond his screen persona - is anyone's guess.
However the manufacturers of one of the world's biggest selling chocolate bars are banking that his on-screen wanker-ness will sell Snickers here in Godzone!
PH's made a career out of insulting and humiliating folk with an acid tongue. Now his special blend of 'I-am-an-arse' will be used by Snickers for its New Zealand campaign, 'You're not you when you're hungry'.
This global campaign uses celebrities known for a particular trait as a metaphor. Other countries have seen Joan Collins, Liza Minnelli and Aretha Franklin in the ads, which have aired in more than 56 countries. Recently NZ's seen the Betty White version...
But is it wise for Snickers to use PH? After all, we were more than happy to export the tv dick to Oz, and that country has not exactly taken him to its welcoming bosom - with his tv breakfast show suffering poor ratings and recently having its on-air time reduced.
But, typically, PH is undeterred and says he's thrilled to be involved in the campaign, which celebrates what he believes is one of his most endearing traits: "Essentially it just allows me to be myself." And ain't that the worry!
Snickers marketing manager Andrea Aguilar says the campaign's based on the universal insight that hunger makes a person weak and behave differently: "What it's trying to convey is that hunger can drastically change your personality." Riiiiiiiiigghhtt. Sorry, gal, but I'd bet PH's never gone hungry in his life! If he saw a hungry person, he'd probably just insult them on live national tv!
The ad launches 25 August during the Bledisloe Cup rugby match. It sure won't make me rush out to buy Snickers by the truckload...

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