Saturday, August 4, 2012

Big Bang Theory: Ready To Rumble!

Who’s Da Man?!
A 6yr.old Queenstown cancer patient tomorrow becomes the first person in NZ to blow up a high-rise building.
Jayden Halliwell will detonate the 14-storey Radio Network House in Christchurch tomorrow morning, after being chosen by the winners of a Trade Me auction. Eight demolition companies joined forces and, with a $26K bid, won the right to push the Big Bang button. The demo men passed the detonation opportunity on to the Child Cancer Foundation, which then nominated Jayden to push the button.
At 8am Sunday he’ll hit the button and trigger 63kg of explosives. Just 7.7 seconds later, the EQ-damaged Radio Network House will be mere rubble.
Jayden is undergoing chemotherapy and will have an operation in a few weeks to remove his kidney.
Funds raised by the auction will go towards the restoration of the Isaac Theatre Royal in Gloucester St, central Christchurch and the Government will match the amount.
Much interest has been generated by this event, with Trade Me saying the auction was the third most-viewed auction of all time! If you’d rather watch the short-lived Big Bang action from the comfort of a warm lounge, the implosion will be live on OneNews at 8am tomorrow.

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