Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We're Baaaaaaaaaaaaaccckkk!!!

Yesterday's headline screamed:
'Iraq attacks raise specter (sic) of al-Qaeda’s return'.
The Washington Post: 'For Iraqis, bombings and shootings like those that killed more than 100 people on Monday have become a grim part of daily life following the departure of US troops last December. The question facing US officials is whether the mass killings, which have accelerated throughout the summer, represent a return to sectarian war or a resurgence of al-Qaeda.'
A retired US general was quoted as saying that al-Qaeda is returning and re-establishing networks: "Things in Iraq are definitely not fine."
But should the US still be overly concerned about "things in Iraq"? It is after all NOT the 51st state.
Yes, Team USA went in all hi-tech guns ablaze to push Iraq out of Kuwait, and again to remove Saddam Hussein (the oil resources had nothing to do with those decisions at all - no, no , NO!!!). It did a reasonable first anyway. But ask most commentators, and a large number of Americans, and you'll hear that US (and its allies)
No! The bullets come out THIS end!
stayed far too long.
The White House stresses that Iraq’s army and police forces really DO "have the capacity to handle their own security". Then LET them do it. If after all the input of time, training and resources, Iraq still doesn't have a cohesive government or an effective counterterrorism force, surely it's now it's OWN problem. It's sink-or-swim time for Iraq's internal security.
As I wrote this, the fact that this was yesterday's headline was not lost on me. Yesterday's headline, yesterday's all means, keep an eyeball on the country from a distance, in terms of terrorist attacks reaching out beyond its borders, but it's well past due date for US to put down Iraq and step away from Iraq.
After all, it's what Iraq has wanted for many many moons.

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