Friday, July 27, 2012

Removing Rena's Remains

It's a dirty job - but someone's gotta do it.
That 'someone' is a US salvage company called Resolve, appointed by the owners of wrecked container ship Rena to break up and remove her bow.
Resolve will be responsible for reduction of the bow section, using helicopters to lift pieces away as they are cut out. McDermott Aviation's Bell 214B - 2950HP 'Heavy-Lifter' helicopter was used during container recovery operations, so may well be used again (it's the world's largest, most powerful single-engine helicopter, with max.lift capacity of up to 3000kg, and a hr endurance).
A spokesman warns there'll be difficulties because it is a very substantial bulk of steel, and putting divers and salvage personnel into a surf zone is very hazardous. He says there'll still be something left there because of the practicalities of the task, but they're investigating how those remnants could be removed.
Work will begin in the next two weeks: cutting the bow section down to 1m below the low tide mark is expected to take six months, depending on the weather. A spokesman for Rena's owners and insurers says the owners have spent $200 million on the clean-up so far - this next stage is set to add a further $50m.
Greece-based Rena owner Daina Shipping Co is being prosecuted by the Crown under the Resource Management Act, while two NZ legal firms have been preparing a class action lawsuit against the ship's owners which could end up being the country's biggest environmental claim.
Legal beagles have identified 150 claimants affected by the grounding - and more are expected to come out of the woodwork in the coming weeks (even though they've had over 8mths to put their hands out!). The claimants, all business owners, will be part of a joint lawsuit to bring proceedings against the shipping company.
Rena ran aground on Astrolabe Reef in October last year: the captain, Mauro Balomaga and navigational officer Leonil Relon are serving very light 7mth. prison terms (!!!), and are due for release towards the end of September...

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