Monday, July 23, 2012

Railroading The Media

Some workers may say "good riddance"...
but Mediaworks will be wondering precisely where it can go to!
It's $11 million TV3/C4/Four premises on Eden Terrace is right in the way of Auckland's planned $2.8 billion Central Rail Link. Mediaworks recently got a letter from Auckland Transport (AT) saying the property had been identified as one that would be directly affected and may require purchase.
The building's on a steep site off New North Rd where AT has said it'll build its Newton Station, 42m underground. The station will allow more direct centre access, enabling cross-city travel without changing trains and providing a Britomart to Eden Terrace line.
Mercury Theatre: at risk?
Early days yet, but if Mediaworks' building is needed for the link, it'll be AT's largest owner/occupier purchase, said to be worth around $20m. Letters have been sent to many property owners on the planned route, rocking some to their cores. Even places like the historic Mercury Theatre may be at risk. But AT won't say which properties are being selected yet because negotiations are at early stages...
Meanwhile, back in the TV3 newroom, cheers broke out when the new rail route was announced. Many hate working in what they regard as outdated premises - from my visits there, I can confirm the 'rat hole' status of many parts of it, and access is cramped. There's no comparison to opposition TVNZ's grand inner-city Auckland home on Nelson Street.
This could however be a golden opportunity for Mediaworks to construct purpose-built studios, and treat its staff with the respect their professionalism deserves...

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