Thursday, June 14, 2012

Talk To Taueki First

The 1840 Treaty of Waitangi is getting a new home.
Intl Affairs Minister Chris Tremain says that NZ’s founding (and contentious) document will be moved from its current home in the Archives NZ building on Mulgrave Street to the newly refurbished National Library building in Molesworth Street, Wgtn., in 2013. It's been on permanent display in the Constitution Suite since 1991: "The redevelopment of the Molesworth Street building creates a fantastic opportunity to showcase it in a newly refurbished public area, giving further access and insight for visitors." It's one of many historical documents to be moved - the library will be renamed to reflect its new role as it becomes home to Archives NZ's key govt documents and national treasures.
The decision follows consultation with iwi, the Maori party and a maori steering group at the National Library....however there's an accusation the govt is mistreating maori by not holding widespread consultation on the move!
Brain at half-mast?
Philip Taueki, a direct descendant of a chief who signed the Treaty, says the Crown should have expanded its consultation to all iwi. He says it did not talk to him before the decision was made. Yeup, he actually said that!!! The govt didn't talk to HIM before making its decision!!!! This from a man who was in court last month for making harrassing early-morning phone calls to his local mayor! Philip Taueki is hereby awarded the 'Dickhead Of The Year Award' for expecting the entire country to stop dead in its tracks, while HE is consulted!
With all the aggro the Treaty causes, Taueki is damn lucky the govt didn't consult ME! I'd have said burn the damn thing!

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Anonymous said...

Mr Taueki again with the help of his partner - Horowhenua District Councillor Anne Hunt and Rate payer's Association member Bryan Ten Have have again been at the lake intimidating and verbally abusing rowing club members. This guy is so fuelled by self greed and sense of entitlement that he is absolutely the Dick head of 2012 and 2013. The Courts need to sentence him and his band of side show idiots to some prison time. His own wider family think he's an idiot.