Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rent-A-Friend For Norwegian Killer

Snakes-and-ladders? Trivial Pursuit?
The prison where mass killer Anders Behring Breivik may be locked up is going to hire people to socialise with him!
Next time, can we
play 'Hide The Carrot'?
The director of Ila prison outside Oslo, Knut Bjarkeid, says Breivik won't have any contact with other inmates because of the risk of a hostage situation developing in the jail: "Even if he is sentenced to detention or imprisonment, he will not make contact with other prisoners indefinitely. We are now working to design a plan for him, according to the threat and the security situation." That plan involves gathering "...a professional community around him, with employees and hired people. We have previously done this with other inmates who have been in an unstable situation."
WTF???!!! Let's not forget, this animal slaughtered 69 people at a youth camp last July, and killed another eight after bombing a building in Oslo! Breivik confessed to the killings, but refuses to plead guilty claiming the shootings were "necessary" to stop the "multiculturalism" of Norway and a "Muslim invasion".
Bjarkeid says the "professional community" may include people to play chess and other sports with Breivik. What's wrong with locking the door and throwing away the key? Don't ya just love the PC state we've allowed our society to morph into? Mamby-pambying mass killers. Hiring buddies so that, for the rest of his days, he won't be all lonely. Awwwww!!! How ridiculous!
Breivik's verdict is due in July. What a damn shame Norway doesn't have the death penalty. Mind you, even after the 2011 attacks, an opinion poll showed that opposition to the death penalty remained firm in Norway: 16% supporting and 68% opposed. And Norwegian law forbids keeping prisoners in total isolation for long periods of time, because it's considered unduly cruel.
Ah well, it'll be them paying the Rent-a-Friends bill for the next 50 years or so...

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