Sunday, April 15, 2012

North Korea Shoots Itself In The Foot

A leader must say what he'll do, and then do what he says. But if that path is going to hurt his people, he'd re-evaluate his position with a view to possible change.
Fly! FLYYY!!! Why won't it fly???
Ya thunk?
Not so the new young leader of North Korea (DPRK). Despite warnings of sanctions and the halting of food relief, Kim Jong-Un pressed on with the launch of a long-range rocket. He claimed it was to put a weather satellite in orbit, to mark the birth of DPRK's founder. US feared the rocket, using ballistic missile technology, had the potential to strike mainland America. Last Friday the rocket was launched, and fell apart a minute later. Opps!
Now however, Kim Jong-Un's F.U. attitude (designed as much to cement himself in power, as it was to stand firm in front of the entire Western world!) may cost him dearly.
And not just the financial loss of a rocket to his 24m starving people (does he really think they give a rat's arse about a rocket?). A Radio Free Asia article puts the cost of the launch and the 100th anvsy.of the birth of founder Kim Il Sung at US$850m, enough to feed most of its people for a year. The cost of other celebratory events may be around US$2b: "Right now, people are solely interested in when they will be able to receive their rations of food. Compared to the food problems, issues like the satellite launch are nothing."
All UN Security Council members agreed a rocket launch would be a violation of UN sanctions resolutions, imposed in 2009 after North Korea's last nuclear test. The Council is now in a huddle to decide its next step. Exactly what that'll be remains to be seen, but US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had earlier warned the DPRK, if it pressed ahead "...we will all be back in the Security Council to take further action." Talk about shooting yourself in the foot...
PS: 17 April 2012 - Again, UN shows it has no balls. Its response? Tut-tut! Let's carry on with existing sanctions. Oh, but we will get tougher next time. Yea, right.
PS: 18 April 2012 - Like father, like's DPRK's response.

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Anonymous said...

USA has only got itself to blame here.
When N.Korea was building its nuke, USA pissed about THREATENING all sorts of dire consequences.
Korea SAID they'd stopped. USA said "Oh.Ok. Thank you" and carried on sending aid etc...while Korea secretly built its Bomb anyway!!!
Now Korea thinks it can play this game again!
USA cannot get all sanctimonious now. It must shoulder alot of the responsibility for N.Korea thinking it can get away with this.