Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lawyer Wants Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free Card

Why keep this a secret?
A lawyer charged with smuggling contraband into prison has lost a four-month battle to keep her name secret.
Davina Murray fought hard to keep things hush-hush but she's now facing criminal charges. She allegedly delivered a mobile phone, cigarettes and lighter to one of her clients, rapist/murderer Liam Reid. The contraband was found on Reid after one of Murray's visits to Mt Eden Prison last October - 2mths after a prison smoking ban began. Murray's so convinced Reid is innocent, that she's visited him 80 times in 9mths. Methinx a tad excessive for a lawyer/client relationship...
It took five court sessions before she lost her name suppression fight - that included new charges being laid, her appeal against the ruling, her lawyer falling sick, and Murray simply failing to show up for a hearing. The judge called it a farce; the prosecution called it unacceptable and is seeking costs. She's due back in court next month and, if convicted, could face 3mths in prison and a fine of $5000. It could also end her legal career.
The reasons why she wanted her name suppressed: because of her (a) career and (b) political standing. Ahhhhhh, y'see, Davina Murray is a prominent figure in the Maori Party, and stood as a list candidate in the 2011 Elections. She was charged the day before voting day.
Yes, and you know what's coming, don't you!! Wait for it...
Murray: "I maintain I'm not guilty to this matter. This is a lot bigger, I believe, than just political interest, given my relationship with the Maori Party."
Ahhhhhh, there it is. So predictable. The race card! She's supposedly been charged, not for smuggling gear into prison...but because of her relationship with the Maori Party! Yea, right.
If you've done something wrong, you pay for it, regardless of your skin colour. No ethnicity in this country should expect a free ride.
Update: 09 Oct.2012 - Murray's case now deferred until 11 March 2013.
Update: 17 July 2013 - Murray's texts show she's in love with this toe-rag, and planned to marry him!
Update: 13 Sept.2013 - Murray admits guilt...FINALLY.
Update: 01 Oct.2013 - Murray sentenced for prison smuggling.
Update: 24 Feb.2014 - Murray pleads for mercy! Jeez!
Update: 03 March 2014 - Judge says "Davina, piss off!"
Update: 07 May 2014 - Murray tries race card over driving charge.
Update: 26 Feb.2015 - Davina Murray struck off. Good job!

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