Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kiwi Kardashian Katastrophe Komin'

Just when local tv couldn't get any worse...
gird your loins for a new reality show, a koiwoi version of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, featuring socialites Sally Ridge and daughter Jaime. Who??? Exactly!
MediaWorks would neither confirm nor deny details: "It's not our policy to comment on what is or isn't in development."
Keeping Up With The Kardashians initially centred around superstar siblings and their manager mum, then added boyfriends, husbands, divorces, spin-offs...*yawn* US tv, playing to the lowest common denominator, hit on a successful formula to please the dumbed-down. Now NZ tv wants to cash in too: you can bet, should this
OBVIOUS similarities...yea, right!!!
 ever happen, MediaWorks'll have the barefaced affrontery to expect NZ On Air funding.
While the Ridge wenches don't have the international pull of the Kardashian clan, there are comparisons between their socialite lives, where celebrity status is gained through who they sleep with and how they look. Sally Ridge was married to former All Black/NZ Warriors player Matthew Ridge before taking up with former Black Cap Adam Parore. the public don't care less!
Daughter Jaime was involved with NZ hockey rep Dwayne Rowsell, then left him for All Black and NZ heavyweight boxing champion Sonny Bill Williams - they've just split. And the locally-famous-for-being-locally-famous Ridges, like the Kardashians, are also into fashion. Sally's a former interior designer and owner of a failed undies company; her daughter is a model.
Another similarity with The Kardashians? This will also be crap!
PS: 14 Sept.2012 - And what garbage it WAS!!!


Madame48 said...

OMG.....are we really becomming a society so bored with our own lives we need to be "entertained" by this garbage? Who really cares what or who these socialites are doing. In my opinion it is somewhat trashy & sad that they are cashing in & by opening their lives up to public viewing. If this does go to air, it'll be a good night to turn off the telly & bring out the board games in our household!

Anonymous said...

Totally agree! Even Monopoly would be better than this sort of tv rubbish!