Thursday, March 1, 2012

USA Kept In The Dark

Israel is saying...that it won't say a thing!
If it pre-emptively hits Iranian nuclear facilities soon, it won't warn USA first. This'll decrease the possibility that US may be held responsible for failing to stop any action. The decision also stems from Israel's frustration with US. Israel is sure they'll neither take military action, nor go along with Israeli action against Iran.
US has been working with Israel for months, to persuade them any attack would be only a temporary setback to Iran's nuke programme. Yet Israel still reserves the right to pre-emptively protect itself, and statements like this must surely be 'the writing on the wall'.
Maryland representative Dutch Ruppersberger, top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee met Israel's PM and Defence Minister:
"We talked about how the sanctions are working and they're going to get a lot more aggressive. We're going to send a message: enough is enough, the stalling is over...all options are on the table."
Remarkable - they're finally learning from their time-wasting over North Korea! All those peace talks...and meanwhile DPRK went ahead and developed a nuke! Now it has enough material for up to nine nukes, and the capability to deploy them on intermediate-range ballistic missiles. Nice one, USA!
Michigan Republican representative Mike Rogers: "I got the sense that Israel is incredibly serious about a strike on their nuclear weapons programme." Jeez, no flies on this guy!
Israel may yet be allowed to use US bases to launch a strike, as a way to 'buy' the Americans a heads-up.
Iran claims its nuclear programme is for peaceful purposes, but the International Atomic Energy Agency has raised alarms that its uranium enrichment programme might be a precursor to building nuclear weapons.
The US has said it doesn't know whether Tehran has decided to weaponise its nuclear material and put it on a missile. It also recently said it didn't know if Israel had the capability to actually attack Iran.
So is there anything definitive that the Mighty USA does know?
Oh yea...that they're being kept out of the loop.
Hell, that must piss 'em off big time!!!
PS: 05 March 2012 - Obama asks Israel for more time to allow sanctions to bite...
PS: 07 March 2012 - Iran agrees to resume nuke talks!

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