Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hone Threatens The World

Mana Party leader and loudmouth Hone Harawira has written an open letter to overseas investors - steer clear...or else!
Hone, wearing his
"Take Me Seriously" hat
NZ's Parliament this week began debating legislation to sell up to 49% of four state-owned energy companies (SOEs); Mighty River Power, Meridian Energy, Genesis and Solid Energy. It also plans to further reduce its shareholding in Air New Zealand.
Harawira says the plan is opposed by a majority of NZers, because they're concerned assets built up through the hard work of generations of NZers would be sold to investors who were motivated by profit, not the public good. Er...hello...that's why people invest - for a profitable return!
Hone-bro: "As the indigenous people of Aotearoa..." (I think he means New Zealand) "...maori have been even stronger in their opposition. The maori view is that no asset sales should proceed until maori interests in those assets have been properly addressed." And as usual, Hone-bro regards maori interests as of higher value than the interests of the entire nation.
The Maori Council has an application before the Waitangi Tribunal over water issues relating to the sales and Harawira says there's a separate case before the High Court: "Steps are being taken to take the case to the United Nations (under the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples) and maori groups have pledged to take action against sales to overseas interests which impact on our sovereignty."
Er...maori sovereignty? When exactly did this pipedream become reality, Hone?
"I think it only proper to send a warning to overseas investors - steer clear of any share offer in the above SOEs. The purchase of these shares is likely to see you caught up in legal battles and direct action from citizens determined to protect their own interests, both of which will be lengthy and costly and have an adverse impact on the value of your investment. You have been warned."
And the world quivers in fear...

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