Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Around The World On The World

The world's largest privately-owned cruise ship will dock in Akaroa Harbour, Canterbury, tonight, for a three-day stay.
The ship, known as The World, offers an exclusive seagoing community as it constantly travels the globe. The residents purchase one or more of the 165 apartments long-term, that allow them to relax and enjoy onboard life resembling any other upscale community on land. It features golf or tennis lessons, spa treatments, a fitness club, casino, night clubs and even a grocery store, delicatessen and travel agency.
Residents are involved in creating the ship's itineraries, special in-depth expeditions and unique Enrichment Programme. The Programme brings aboard experts in all different fields; diving, wine tasting, world cultures - to prepare for each port they visit.
Black Cat Cruises marketing manager Alison Fleming says it's rare to see "something so spectacular. It really is something quite special and different and is far beyond any usual luxury travel standards." The World visited Nelson in 2006.
While its passengers explore Canterbury this weekend, Black Cat Cruises will run two one-hour cruises to the ship for people to see it from the water. These depart at 3.40pm on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th.
The World arrives about 6pm this evening and leaves on Saturday just before midnight.

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