Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Selling Ourselves...

Hard to imagine, I know...but not EVERYONE loves rugby!Interesting to see how the NZ publicity machine has "come of age".
Over the last decade or so, we've promoted the country by association with major sporting events like the Rugby World Cup and America's Cup yachting. We've utilised social networking and multi-media options (e.g.: the giant rugby ball in London and Paris, an interactive walk-through promotional vehicle, not only for the rugby but the many other delights to be enjoyed here).
Our PR has thankfully come a long way from these two domestically-targeted "New Zealand Is Yours" ads from the 1970s, made by the NZ Tourism and Publicity Department. Yea, hip cats, like - dig the scenes of our groovy swingin' nightlife! Or if that's all too much, how about a scenic bus tour for retirees? And while watching, check out the tongue action at 39sec.!
Now hyperjump to how we're currently being sold to Australia in the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign: a completely different way of showcasing our country's delights...by God, home looks GREAT! (many thanx to Richard Phelps' "Lifestream" for the Oz ads...)
PS: 21 Nov.2009 - Uh-oh, seems the 'gigantic rugby ball' may not have been the greatest promotional idea after all: click!


Andre, Paris said...

Your country looks beautiful. I would like to visit one day.

Philbee - said...

Hi, Andre. Thanks for reading and commenting. Yes, NZ really IS a lovely country - we're very lucky to have such beauty. It's a long way to come from Paris but it'll be worth it!