Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Power Of The Pen...

Jessica Rabbit ain't bad...What red-blooded male could ever forget the too-curvy too-stunning Jessica, wife of the bunny from the 1988 animated feature, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? ...or her classic line: "I'm not bad...I'm just drawn that way." Ilyssa
It's all in the power of the pen - that superb skill transforming a 'toon into a wet dream (, so I've been told!).
There's a talented artist in America, Les Toil, who turns photos into saucy sexy artwork of wild wicked women.
Les believes an "ample anatomy" is the most desired and aesthetically pleasing that an artist's model can have. Touche! So to become what he calls a "Toil Girl", you must not be skinny - the more curves the better. If you see Kate Moss in the reflection of your mirror, Krystelhe won't raise a pen for you.
Les works from personal photos of the subject and her description of how she might see herself, and the rest - as they say - is history!
If you proudly call yourself a bootilicious babe, a BBW, cuddly, amazonian, plus-size etc...then be inspired by the artwork of Les Toil, appreciator of all things feminine and curvaceous!
Wonder if he whistles "Fat-bottomed Girls" while he works...?


Mandi, San Rafael CA said...

I'm a fat bottomed girl and PROUD of it too. This guy's art is wow! I must save up and get a portrait. Its so good that more ppl are appreciating our fuller forms!

Will McPherson, NJ said...

Haha, these girls really are fat bottomed! I prefer them a bit more athletic.