Friday, October 16, 2009

It's Just A Game!

Well, contrary to my own line-in-the-sand, I'm posting about rugby again!
It's's out...who cares?Rugby addicts know far more than I do about Thursday's big NPC match between Canterbury and Hawke's Bay, won by Canterbury 27-20. Why it hit the headlines was the disallowed Hawke's Bay try which, with luxurious hindsight, should have been given. Because no TV replay was available, the referee relied on a split-second call by one of his assistants... who declared a no-go.
That's the way the cards played...however it's neither fair nor sporting to then harass the line-ref after the event. Bruce Dockary was verbally abused as he left the venue, his children were targeted on the notorious Facebook, he even took a day off work to stay in hiding.
TV News replay that night showed the try should have been awarded but, from any angle other than the camera's, no-one could've positively called it "in", certainly not the emotional Bay supporters. Their disappointment at not winning the game focused not on their team losing, but (in their minds) on Bruce Dockary stealing the victory from them.
For crissake, when are rugby fans going to grow up and calm down??!! IT - IS - JUST - A - GAME! Games have winners...and losers. Yes, it's great to win but, carry on like this, and your sport will be full of losers!
For more musings on rugby losses (specifically the *yawn* Rugby World Cup) here.


Anonymous said...

What would u know anyway, you dick? It was bloody in, everyone could c it, didnt need the tv to show it. That line ref needs a good sorting!

Philbee - said...

...and comments like this merely serve to underline my point.