Friday, July 10, 2009

Rev It Up!

Hamilton V8sSome Hamiltonians, fined $1500 for viewing the V8 street-races from their rooftops, are angrily claiming the fines are unfair and solely a council revenue-generator. Racing wouldn't be complete without the V8 Girls!
They said during the races, they were blocked in and unable to move their cars for days. If anything, they feel the council owes them money! But the Hamilton City Council says it takes health and safety very seriously. It claims it went to great lengths before the V8s to warn people what they could/couldn't do under the Building Act.
So on one hand are issues like: people on roofs; people viewing an event without paying; people falling off roofs (didn't happen); people throwing things off roofsrooftop parties onto the track (didn't happen); roofs collapsing (didn't happen)...
On the other hand: freedom of association on private property; races inconveniencing residents; no visit by Health & Safety during the event, but fines issued three months later; revenue raking for Council-supported event?...
The time delay is 'interesting', given the races were in April and yet the fines were only sent out in July.
Is this another example of public servants forgetting they serve the public?
PS: 13 July 2009 - After a huge public outcry and media mudslinging, Hamilton's mayor - who claims he knew nothing about the fines - sought legal advice. The legal beagles said the Council did not have a leg to stand on (or even a roof to sit on). The fines have all been dropped!

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People Power RULZ!!!