Friday, July 31, 2009

If Anyone Can, A Kiwi Can!

NZ mountain parrot, or KeaEvery New Zealander knows about keas - our cheeky mountain parrots – but their namesake is a global community: KEA, or Kiwi Expats Abroad.
More than 750,000 New Zealanders live overseas...that's 16% of our population, a quarter of all our highly skilled workers! While some see this as a huge skills drain, others regard it as a unique competitive advantage for the country.
Since its inception in 2001 by the legendary 'Warehouse' founder Stephen Tindall, KEA has helped business people connect with and leverage the knowledge and contacts of talented New Zealanders around the world. It now has 25,000 members, with membership growing at over 20% per year.
Imagine KEA as an enormous global Old Boys Network, with tentacles reaching into 178 countries. For a business seeking overseas commercial or professional contacts, KEA could be damn useful.
And furthermore, you're working with ex-pats on the same wavelength: thinking kiwi, talking kiwi, doing it the kiwi way...what could be better?

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