Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Car Cookery...?

In these tough recessional times, many folk are trying to stretch their $$$$$ further...but is this going a bit too far?
Recently I found a site detailing how to bake cookies in your car!
We all know how hot a car's interior can get, when sitting in the sun for hours. Some bright spark has thought to utilise this free heat for baking! All you need: •hot car •reflective sun shade •baking tray •favourite cookie recipe •time
Step 1: Park your car facing the sun. Place your reflective sun shade flat along the dashboard, shiny side up. Roll up the windows and close the door.
Step 2: Prepare your favourite biscuit/cookie recipe and place mixture on a baking tray as usual. Take the tray to the car (by now you should get a nice blast of hot air when you open the doors). Place baking tray on top of the reflective sun shade, making sure the cookies do not touch the windscreen or slid over the edges of the baking tray. Close the car.
Step 3: Check your cookies after an hour or so to see if they are done (do that quickly so you don't lose all the heat). Once cooled, you can enjoy fresh baking without any power used! And the next day, enjoy that fresh baked cookie smell in your car on the drive to work!
PS: 29 July 2009 - I've heard from a guy in America who did this successfully. Baking a tray of cookies took him about 2½ hours, the end-product had slightly crispy edges with a delicious soft centre, pale in colour because of the different cooking method...but he wished he'd made more because his tasters finished them off very quickly!


Salacious said...

Curious to know if you plan to give it a go and share your own test results.

Philbee... said...

Hi, Salacious:
Yes, I think I WILL try it come summer - if nothing else, it'll be a bit of a laugh! But if the end result tastes really good...I won't be sharing with ANYONE!! LOL