Saturday, February 21, 2009

Eye Candy

'Candy-O', the second album by US new wave band The Cars, was released in 1979 and spawned one of their biggest hits, "Let's Go".
The cover certainly assisted in the album's success: it was suggested by the Cars' drummer David Robinson and painted by Alberto Vargas, who was well-known for his paintings of pin-up girls in Playboy and Esquire magazines of the '40s and '50s. Enjoy some of his handiwork, purely for background reference, of course! The shapely model draped across the Ferrari bonnet was named - coincidentally - Candy and, for a while after the shoot, she dated Robinson.

And just what was it about The Cars' guys and the gals they worked with?
The 1984 video clip of "Drive" (another huge hit) featured 19-year old Paulina Porizkova. Although she was the object of
bassist Ben Orr's affections (he who sang lead on this song), it was bandleader Ric Ocasek who really wanted her - even though he was 35, married with kids. They finally tied the knot in '89 and have two kids of their own.
Orr died of pancreatic cancer (not unrequited love!) in 2000.

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