Monday, April 13, 2015

Nikon Over-Exposed

Talk about f-stops!
A whole lotta cleanin' goin' on here...!
A Chinese camera shop recently almost brought its neighbourhood to a halt, after hiring some bikini-clad bunnies to do the cleaning.
Professional photographers as well as passers-by rushed to get a look at the girls who stripped off to clean windows and floors at the Golden Eagle Nikon flagship store in Taiyuan.
The stunt was designed to attract the attention of as many people as possible and generate good business and interest in the process.
Store manager Jin Yeh: "I wanted the store to look clean and fresh, to make a good opening impression." (Riiiiiiiggggghhhhttt! They were only there to CLEAN...) "But of course we are a camera shop, and photographers like to have good things to photograph, so I wanted some models here as well to pose." (Uh-HAAA!!!!) "From that point, it was a simple matter to combine the two. I had the shop cleaned up, and pretty subjects for photographers to snap."
Interesting to note that, as well as a crowd, nearly 100 freelance photographers - all from the Shanxi News Network - all showed up!
An ever-so-slight amount of OVER-exposure?

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