Sunday, April 5, 2015

Falklands War II?

Britain struck oil in the Falklands last week, a discovery likely to escalate already-heightened tensions with Argentina over the ownership of the islands.
After nine months of exploratory drilling, a group of British companies found oil and gas in a remote field north of the islands. The bonanza could be worth billions of pounds…and will likely increase fears of renewed conflict over the islands, just days after UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon warned of a 'very live threat' from Argentina.
Brit boots yomping, 1982
Coincidentally, the oil discovery comes exactly 33 years after Argentina invaded the islands it calls Malvinas…and it's a safe bet it'll be seriously interested in this latest development. Argentina invaded the Falklands in 1982 (at a cost of 260 British and 650 Argentine lives), and still claims territorial rights.
Britain has pledged to invest £180million over the next ten years to defend the islands, with a modernisation of existing defences, upgrading a surface-to-air missile system and deploying two Chinook helicopters. This commitment follows Russia's pledge to help re-arm Argentina: rabid Ruskie Prez Vlad The Putin is reportedly going to lease 12 Sukhoi Su-24 bombers to Argentina.
Experts also predict future Falklands oil finds could be even more significant. The tension over the sovereignty of the islands is set to intensify. Again.

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