Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Oh, MOW You Don't!

Ohhhh, the joys of a Council blow-out!
Christchurch City Council is considering asking residents to do the very jobs that the Council is charging rates for!!
Council has reduced the maintenance frequency for over a thousand parks and reserves to save costs, and is thinking about
getting ratepayers to mow their local park or reserve instead!
Naturally the peasants are revolting!
Cr Phil Clearwater says "People already mow their berms outside their houses. It's really just an extension of that"…but adds that the brilliant brain fart has not gone further than a discussion at this stage.
Cr Pauline Cotter adds "We're not talking about the big ones" (what, y'mean like Hagley Park, for instance?) "…just pocket parks and green spaces. It wouldn't be letting the city get to rack-and-ruin. It's to try and get people to take ownership. We've all got to step up and save some money here if we want our city fixed."
Fire Service Canterbury area commander David Berry says any long grass is a potential fire risk.
The council will spend $7.3 million this financial year maintaining its parks and reserves…and that's on the REDUCED mowing schedule!
But what do ratepayers think? Not at all surprisingly, 79% of those in The Press's strawpoll say NO F***ING WAY!!!
But I'm sure there'd be plenty of qualified ratepayers prepared to help Council with its book-keeping!

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