Monday, January 5, 2015

A Real Love Story

A man, recently dumped by his girlfriend of four years, was browsing the web when he saw an offer he could not refuse.
No, not some sordid on-line romance! A brand-new casino site was offering new players $30 free, for a chance to win a progressive jackpot of over half a million dollars.
Carl Matthews had just lost his job, and had racked up over $9K of credit card bills he couldn't pay back. Just when he thought his life couldn't suck any harder, his girlfriend Amy Parkinson decided to call it quits...via text! A real class act...
Amy: "Carl was the sweetest guy, but I needed someone with drive, who could look after me financially and I just never saw Carl being that person."
In stepped KARMA!!!
Carls life was about to dramatically change. Those $30 that initially aroused his interest ended up multiplying for him over 10,000 times. After spinning for 14 minutes, Carl won a progressive jackpot that dropped a massive $362,259.03 into his bank account!
Curiously, Amy's feelings towards Carl quickly changed. "She started calling, texting, emailing, saying she wanted to give it another go. Saying she wanted to make it work. That she loved me, she missed me, she couldn't imagine life without me," says Carl.
Current state of play:
Carl remains single. Amy remains persistent.
It simply MUST be true love. Right? RIIIIIGGHHTT!!

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