Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On Ya Bike, Mike

Ain't TV-land a wonderfully fickle place...?
We viewers are subjected to dickshits like Paul Henry for prolonged painful periods, while quality journos like Cameron Bennett are 'let go'. And how long has painful Mark Sainsbury been foisted upon us?
Now we hear the long-serving and damn good Mike McRoberts is getting the heave-ho from TV3! Mike's been the face of TV3 news and current affairs for a decade. But NBR tells us he will not front a new 1hr.current affairs programme that'll replace 60 Minutes - that job's gone to Duncan Garner.
McRoberts has been relegated to newsreading duties and perhaps the odd bit of reporting here and there. For someone who's been the poster boy of TV3 news and current affairs, it will be a major blow to his self-esteem. Over the years he has popped up in hotspots all over the world, branding him as a seasoned journalist.
Duncan Garner on the other hand, while covering the political spectrum, has not come across as a hard-hitter or overly competent. It would be fair to say he has rather big shoes to fill...
Mike may be wondering whether he has any real future with TV3. His wife, who's a TV3 60 Minutes producer and reporter, will remain on the replacement show, but is far from happy at the treatment meted out to hubby. TV3 shouldn't be surprised if two resignations hit the management desk before too long...

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