Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bagust: Breakfast Bye-Bye

TV One Breakfast co-host Petra Bagust is leaving the show at the end of this year.
Yiiipppeee!!! It's the best TV news I've heard since the demise of Paul Henry!
Bagust joined Breakfast in early 2011, and was never a good fit for the role. Her pushy personality meant she often talked over her guests and co-presenters, generally with little content of much value.
"I always said I would give up this job the day I go to bed before the children, and that day is rapidly approaching."
During the show yesterday (in a live announcement seemingly aimed at heading off other media), she said she "loved the challenge of Breakfast...and it was a privilege going live to the country three hours a morning". She also commented that Breakfast meant "keeping Kiwis informed... during two incredible years full of tragedy and triumphs", particularly during the Christchurch earthquake, Royal Wedding, the Rugby World Cup and the Olympics. "Breakfast is bloody hard work, and it takes a lot of effort from an incredibly committed group of people to make it happen. I want to say thanks for having me on the team."
Petra has been a regular on NZ screens since 1996, presenting a range of TV from live news to talent searches. She hosted TV3's What's Really In Our Food? before crossing to TV One. TVNZ once again finds itself in the all-too-familiar position of needing to find a new co-host, and/or possibly reinventing the early morning show. No-one is lined up at this point to join co-host Rawdon Christie.
Bagust's last day on Breakfast will be December 21st.: an early Christmas present, with much rejoicing.
I guess the Facebook page I Cringe Every Time Petra Bagust Talks will shut down then too..?

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