Thursday, May 17, 2012

Of Salmon And Sand...

We seem to have entered a brief phase of "warm fuzzy" films at the flicks - about time too!
For those over 25 who still enjoy movies, there're the likes of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and now Salmon Fishing In The Yemen (the preview of which I saw on the weekend).
An unlikely title, but a well-crafted film with very good performances from Kristin Scott Thomas (as the British PM's press advisor), Emily Blunt (a sheik's UK representative) and Ewan McGregor (resident salmon expert). The plot is basically this:
the UK govt needs some good news from the war-ravaged Middle East. Enter an eccentric sheik who wants to introduce salmon to his desert country, Yemen. Everyone thinks the idea's crazy...except for Kristin Scott Thomas, who may be a bit touched herself! She bullies everyone into making it happen (so the politicos can get some press-friendly mileage). Of course, nothing ever goes smoothly: add in irate sports fishermen, Yemeni terrorists, a war hero boyfriend, and this light-weight movie gradually evolves...
Yes, it is a tad slower than the norm, but when there's finally a movie without gratuitous sex, violence or foul language, that's a pleasant change. Salmon Fishing In The Yemen is entertaining and a genuine heart-warmer.
[Salmon Fishing In The Yemen, starts 17 May across NZ]

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