Monday, May 7, 2012

Gold-Plated Crap

NZ’s most tweeted-about reality tv show began last week.
The GC (as in The Gold, that's Australia).
TV3's pre-launch publicity worked hard to say it would be nothing like Jersey Shore or UK's adaptation Geordie Shore. But it is. Some beautiful young things with money to burn in a hot beach setting, getting drunk and trying to get laid. Basically, it's crap...though one kind review said: "It may be trash, but it’s 'our' trash!"
That's true! WE paid $419K for it - another dubious NZ On Air funding decision! Perhaps NZ On Air could outline its definition of "quality NZ broadcasting" for us all.
Another reviewer wrote it "may be the worst tv show NZ has ever produced...that purports to profile successful young maori on the Gold Coast, but which instead twists their day-to-day lives to make them appear morally bankrupt and more interested in amassing money, sex and fame than in any kind of normal existence." He's not alone - a Facebook page has been set up called "Cancel The GC TV show".
But Throng (NZ's TV-watching community) says the pilot was the most-watched (est.370,660) TV3 show last Wed. night, more viewers...
+ than 3 News (30K more!).
+ than any episode of The Almighty Johnsons.
+ than any episode of this season's Go Girls.
+ Outrageous Fortune didn’t achieve those numbers until Series 3.
+ Only one episode of Campbell Live in the past year had more viewers.
+ Only the season finale of NZ's Next Top Model had more viewers.
Why? Why? Why indeed? Maybe the majority of TV3's 18-35yr.old viewers actually like crap.
Trash tv has its place...just not on any tv that I'm watching!
The GC, Wed.8pm, TV3

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Anonymous said...

I've NEVER heard anyone say they're going to the "GC". Or refer to potential female partners as "aunties".
Where did they find these idiots?
They are certainly not representative of the majority of maori in Australia.
Kia ora.