Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wattie's Coming Home

Wattie's tomato sauce is as kiwi as pavlova...
'cept that it's been made in Australia for the past decade!
However, US food giant Heinz Wattie has called it quits at its factory in Victoria, and is bringing production back to the original Wattie's home in Hastings.
Heinz Wattie is a bug bug bug food producer here in GodZone with revenue topping $735m this past financial year, and $83m+ profit (up from $72m the year before). Heinz, with global sales of US$10.7b pa, bought Wattie's 20 years ago for about US$300m.
Tomato sauce production is coming to a bigger factory in Hastings than the Victorian one. But the exchange rate's also good and we also have generally lower wages, typically about 25% less than across the ditch.
Wattie's sauce is one of those iconic brands we all grew up with: most of us would never think of choosing anything else! And it's vastly superior to ketchup! But it's not just sauce returning: production of beetroot, sauce toppings and some canned meals too! The move'll add 10-15% to the Hastings factory's output.
Wattie's tomato sauce has long been made in NZ and controls about 60% of the market. Their tv ads (often featuring nationally-known personalities) are synonymous with thuh koiwoi woiy of loif. For a nostalgia trip, check out Wattie's HUGE collection of ads (especially the Indian corner shop owner who's "proud to be a kiwi coz I love my Wattie's sauce!").
LUV the ads! LUV the sauce!! It's classic Kiwiana!!!

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