Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Til Death Us Do Part

With the changing-of-the-guard in the Democratic (yea, right!!) People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), its military was urged yesterday to become "human bombs" to defend new leader Kim Jong-un unto death!
The late Kim Jong-il's youngest son has recently become supreme leader of party, military and people. The Great Chubbycheeks' working knowledge of the Green Machine barely extends beyond finding the mess hall, yet at 28 he now heads an army of 1.2-million, the world's fourth largest.
Neighbour China sent congrats - as you would, with that many soldiers on your back doorstep! Very few other countries did. South Korea expressed sympathy to the North's people but not its regime. Ha-rumph! DPRK has threatened unspecified retaliation for this perceived disrespect.
The impoverished country's also set a goal (read: hopeless pie-in-the-sky) of becoming a powerful and prosperous nation this year. April's the 100th anvsy of the birth of the country's founder: if DPRK hasn't got itself out of the proverbial by now, it sure won't be happening in the near future! But its ever-jingoistic fawning press wrote "This is the year when plans for achieving prosperity will bear a brilliant fruit," calling for "an all-out drive to implement our party's grand strategy for achieving prosperity." No mention of its nuke weapons programme, which has earned it international sanctions and pariah status.
So the despot dynasty rolls on, feathering it's own nest while its people starve. This totalitarian Stalinist dictatorship seems to be stuck in re-runs of old B-grade Stalin movies (was there any other kind?), starring the Kim family in a 'cult of personality'. 
But let's forget for a moment the 24m starving populous, nuclear
"I'll bloody KILL the bastard!"
threats, "Axis Of Evil" label, and one of the worst human rights records of any country. The burning question to arise from the DPRK musical chairs surely must be this:
Has Kim Jong-un executed his lousy barber yet?

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