Thursday, August 18, 2011

No Sex Please, We’re All Black Fans

And now it becomes a farce…
A supposedly tongue-in-cheek ad campaign, starting next week, asks NZ fans to abstain from sex during the *yawn* Rugby World Cup! WTF??!!
I was an All Black.
If I played good,
I got an orange
at half-time...
"Abstain for the All Blacks" will be driven by the Telecom-sponsored ABs' fan site, BackingBlack. It asks supporters to avoid sex to support the team!! Er…why??!!
The campaign will be fronted by former ABs captain Sean Fitzpatrick, and abstainers will receive black rubber finger-rings to show their support – a bit like castration rings, I guess! These will also no doubt cramp fans’ style with Mrs.Palmer and her five daughters!
Organisers hope the rings will motivate fans the same way Sir Peter Blake's red socks did, in NZ's
Blake: legend
successful America's Cup yachting campaigns. Ahhhhhh, but they’ve overlooked the personal story surrounding Sir Peter’s lucky sox, and the charisma of the man himself: you can’t simply pluck that out of an AB’s jockstrap.
NZ Rugby Union is irritated by the campaign, but supportive; readers of a NZ Herald poll far less so...
ABs coach Graham Henry and senior players have red-carded it, but will the ABs themselves abstain? NZRU's commercial manager Paul Dalton says: "Their match preparations aren't built around sponsors' ad campaigns, so let's not confuse the two. This is all about Telecom doing something fun with the fans and should be very obvious that it's not to be taken too seriously." Fun??
Well, this inexplicable campaign should certainly provide lotsa ridiculing laughs for the rest of the world. We’ve already encouraged fans to come to NZ…and sleep on our couches! Visit our cities…and walk to the venues! Stay in our hotels…and get ripped off! Support our team…and pay double for their jerseys! Now this!
Tell me it’s actually April the 1st today! PLEASE!!
PS: 18 Aug.2011 - Well, the joke's on Telecom. It's scrapped the campaign even BEFORE it began!
PS: 19 Aug.2011 - And what, pray tell, was the COST of this abortion of an ad idea???


Liz, Pukekohe said...

Tell me which part of this stupid idea is meant to be funny!Whoever dream it up should be fired!

Anonymous said...

Over the years, Saatchi and Saatchi has made some great campaigns, like Toyota and Tui.
Strange ads like the CAANZ Media Awards (a young man takes a successful head shot at Osama. Caption: "You'll never end the war on terror, but you can still make your parents proud").
Bizzare stuff, like the Auckland "A" sign we were supposed to be able to make with both hands, while driving!
(and was that Auckland logo, looking like it had been mauled by a manic moggie, a Saatchi brainchild?).
Now downright stupidity, like THIS latest campaign.
It has no humour, no value.
It damages our international credibility.
I'm sure it's an embarrassment to the team.
It's an own-goal for S+S.


hey Paul Henry i got a real gud story for you and it to do with CYF's and how they have personal vendetta against good mother that fall under domestic violence.