Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Castle Cliff-Hanger

Bullets flew. The Castle shook.
Last night, NZ audiences saw Captain Montgomery gunned down in the Season 3 finale of Castle.
The "Cap" was revealed as a bad cop involved in a mob kidnapping that ultimately led to the murder of Detective Kate Beckett's mother. Montgomery then gave his own life trying to kill a hit man who was going to stop Beckett from looking further. The sniper dropped Beckett as she eulogised at the captain's funeral. Rick Castle was last seen urging her to hold on, professing his love for her as she slipped away…
Of course we know she’ll live, because Castle is just too good to shut down just yet. So the new season begins mid-September in USA: not sure when NZ will get it though.
And with the new season comes a new boss - Penny Johnson Jerald will be the captain of the 12th Precinct. You may recall her as the scheming Sherry Palmer in 24. Jerald’ll play Victoria Gates, a career-minded cop who spent much of her early career in Internal Affairs. She’ll initially be more interested in getting noticed by her superiors and climbing the NYPD's ranks than doing any real police work. Known as "Iron Gates", she's also going to be a bit tougher on our team, especially Castle and Beckett. Everybody gets along really well in the precinct, but "Iron Gates" is bound to herald in a little more conflict.
I just hope it doesn’t spoil the successful formula. Y'know what they say: if it ain't broken, don't fix it...

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