Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Maori Messiah?

Yesterday's news, that the Maori Party had suspended Hone Harawira's membership, fair warmed my heart!
Only hours now til it gets rid of him completely: the party's governing body hears the formal disciplinary charges against him tomorrow. Then it's a double-tap to the temple...what a waste of two good bullets! LOL
I look back and wonder whether the guy had a death wish, the way he so vigorously mauled the hand that fed him. The biggest windmill he jousted was National's Marine and Coastal Area Bill - which was never ever going to give back to maori the entire NZ coastline on a silver tray.
It's just a jump to the left...
Harawira's been cited in media reports as having informal chats to form a new left-wing party. But if someone is foolish enough to enlist such a loose cannon, this surely won't happen before the elections this November 26th.
Hone-bro would have been much better advised to tone down his rhetoric, and actually try to achieve something good for his people from inside the Maori Party. All he'll be able to do now is agitate his minions towards a maori "revolution" (heck, that was a Waitangi sidesplitter, if ever I heard one!).
The big question is: how many ordinary Maori party members and activists will follow the Maori Martyr out the door? I guess a fair slice of the faithful from Hone's Te Tai Tokerau electorate, plus the separatist-flag wavers, the unemployed radical fringe-dwellers, and the few who actually believe Hone's twaddle that this country will ever sanction a breakaway maori state.
Would they be enough for Hone to launch a new maori political party, to kick the puha out of his previous pals? If so, Labour would certainly be salivating, coz they'd stand a good chance of winning back nearly all the Maori seats!
In the meantime, those who blindly follow the man - who publically embarrassed and cheated his party, dissed its leaders, and insulted the vast majority of "white motherf**ker" NZers - should remember those immortal words from Monty Python's Life Of Brian:
"He's not the Messiah: he's a very naughty boy!"

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