Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Harawira Targets World Cup

A veteran activist (read "shit-stirrer") is threatening to use the 2011 Rugby World Cup *yawn* as a platform to tell the world maori are hard done by (!!!).
Titewhai Harawira (Hone's mum) wants to "expose" New Zealand's treatment of maori to foreign media, here for the Cup. She wants to tell international reporters they're getting an inaccurate picture of Noo Zuld, by providing "a whole chronology" of what's happened here and rubbishing claims maori are well looked after and have their land intact. Mrs Harawira says she plans to tell visitors about the impact of legislation, which is supposedly anti-maori.
The interesting thing is: Titewhai thinks foreign media will actually give a damn about her rabid ravings! Hell, most of NZ doesn't! They have dismissed her, her extended family and their antics as nothing more than vaguely amusing fill-copy on a light-news why does she think the rest of the world will take her seriously?
Was there a massive global groundswell when maori activists boarded a Northland tourist bus to whinge about their grievances?! Did the earth actually stop spinning with her son's rantings?! Or when her family members et al regularly abuse the PM at NZ Day celebrations?! And so on and so on...
Face it, Titewhai: yours is a case of "the boy who cried wolf". Your only remaining credibility lies in the eyes of your own family. The rest of NZ is getting on with trying to move this country ahead... together, positively. Your plan seems destined to turn the country against maori (and further marginalise yourself).
Look before you leap...there is no place in a modern progressive multi-cultural society for your kind of twisted politics.
+ Meanwhile Titewhai's lad, loudmouthed MP Hone Harawira, is off to form a new political movement: he'll be an independent for the rest of the parliamentary term, and contest November's general election as an independent or with a new political movement. He claims his decision was to avoid destroying the Maori Party he'd worked hard to build up - yea, right - quite frankly, he was about to be expelled anyway!

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Anonymous said...

Did ya notice this blow-hard foulmouthed spiteful harpie didn't raise her voice ONCE during the RWC?
So much for telling the world how hard-done-by the poor bros are!
I reckon her politically-aspiring son finally cut the apron strings and told her to shut her vicious gob!! He must have realised she was dragging him down with her own sinking ship...